Aubrey Plaza & Meghann Fahy Tripped Balls On Shrooms In Italy AKA My Dream Girls Trip

The White Lotus Aubrey Plaza

The White Lotus cool girl, Aubrey Plaza has admitted her and co-star Meghann Fahy tripped balls while on a hike in Italy and sounds like classic Harper and Daphne tbf. 

 The pair took a break from carrying the show on their backs to *allegedly* trip absolute dicks in the Italian wilderness. And frankly, why wouldn’t you. 

Meghann Fahy appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week and relayed the story about the pair heading off on a hike and getting lost, but it appears she left out one crucial detail…shrooms. 

In Fahy’s version of events, her and Plaza became lost on the hike and stumbled upon a highway FULL of beefcake Italian bikers, which sounds like a dream IMHO. 

“It was a very Daphne/Harper moment,” Fahy told Seth Meyers, “They were like ‘Hey, girls!,’ and she (Plaza) was like ‘Don’t look at me!’ And I was like, ‘Hiiiii!!’” 


In an effort to clear her name and reputation from the stain that is being rude to Italian bikers, Aubrey Plaza appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this week. 

Whilst there she revealed she didn’t want to be looked at because she was tripping balls on shrooms, and honestly, girl – fair enough. 

“I was tripping. It was terrifying,” Plaza told Meyers earlier this week. “We were lost on a highway and there were Italian men going ‘Vroom, vroom,’ like coming at me. I thought they were taking me to the dark side. Like, I was going to transfer over.”

Whilst having a bad trip on mushrooms might be an integral part of the high school experience, having a bad trip surrounded by Italian bikers? That’s real nightmare fuel. 

Perhaps a White Lotus spin-off in which the pair leave their crusty, dusty husbands and sail off into the Sicilian sunset, shrooms at the ready is in order? 

 Spin-off or not, Aubrey Plaza and Meghann Fahy are who I want to be when I grow up. 

You can catch Aubrey Plaza’s full interview below.