Jess’ Elimination From ‘MasterChef’ Cut So Deep That There Was Not A Dry Eye In The Kitchen

Everyone, strap in. We knew it was coming all week. Those MasterChef ads teased an emotional elimination.

But nothing could’ve prepared the contestants (and the nation) for what just happened. Grab some tissues and let’s jump in.

Round 1 started off alright. The challenge was to make one dish with two different ice cream flavours.

But not normal flavours – Jock made it very clear that he would only be putting the weirdest shit in his mouth tonight. No chocolate/vanilla combo for him.

Of course, the first thing that came to everyone’s mind was Laura.

Jess then announced the self-evident truth that licorice is disgusting. Pity then, that the for some reason decided to make licorice and chocolate ice cream.

Meanwhile, both Brendan AND Poh are incorporating wasabi in their ice cream. Big hmmmm energy going on right here.

And for anyone grossed-out by everyone’s flavour choices: shhhh.

Can we plz take a moment to appreciate Mel giving the sassiest 10 in MasterChef history? Her energy.

Jock then did the equivalent of Matt Preston’s “disgustingly good” moment to Khanh. Australia’s hearts dropped, and it took everyone a hot sec to figure out what he meant by three… no, four thumbs up.

Alright, time for round 2. Up come the cloches, and there are some weird fkn flavours within.

In choosing her flavour combo, Poh casually lets slip she has a handsome violin maker friend in northern Italy. Because of course she does.

Of-fkn-course someone had to whip out a godamn hibachi grill. Tonight, it was Simon‘s turn.

Just gonna leave this here…

Speaking of Laura, or pasta more specifically, the judges loved Poh’s dish.

When the judges got down to the bottom two, things looked pretty bad.

And it was Jess who was eventually eliminated. Jess. Not a single dry eye in the room.

And they couldn’t even hug her due to social distancing.

The whole of Australia just kind of… took a moment… to take things in.

“She will go far.”