MasterChef Contestants Were Told To Cook With Either Chicken Or Eggs, So Trent Chose Chaos

MasterChef recap

Tonight MasterChef overcame the age of question of whether the chicken of the egg came first by deciding to eat both of them. It was a delicious outcome for all.

It was also the season’s first elimination episode, and if contestants fucked up their choice of either chicken or eggs in the first round, they’d have to prove their skills with the other ingredient in the next round.

They’re pretty basic ingredients, so what could go wrong? Quite a lot if you’re Trent, unfortunately.

We’re not even knee-deep in the first round aaaaand… god fucking damnit. Another hibachi grill has appeared.

Ok Justin, who paid you to shoehorn in a hibachi grill? Are you in the pocket of Big Hibachi™?! Anyway, reset that bloody counter.

If hibachi grills are the one constant of the MasterChef franchise in general, then Conor‘s earring is the other main constant of this season in particular.

Trent was already back to his usual chaotic self, and it looked as if his Cantonese egg tarts were suffering as a result.

Eric‘s strange flavour chicken was a real celebration of Chinese cuisine, and it left the judges almost lost for words (except for Queen Mel who is always eloquent, even in the face of mind-blowingly incredible food).

Watching the judges gush, and seeing Eric’s reaction was s truly beautiful moment.

I was say “give me that recipe” but I fear I simply cannot recreate such an intricate and delicate dish. Well bloody done.

Trent, on the other hand, confirmed our worst fears that he had chaotic cooking style run a little too wild once again.

Ok time for the final five to cook for their lives. Quit a few of us had some ~opinions~ about this elimination round.

Meanwhile Conor apparently has synesthesia.

When it came time to plate up, MasterChef once again turned into a celebration of incredible food…

…except for one person.

Oh dear, oh Trent. Too much lemon myrtle on that chicken, Mr.

Trent’s bubbly chaos will surely be missed. His lemon myrtle chicken won’t.

Tune in next week to see Heston Blumenthal and Nigella Lawson beam into MasterChef and hopefully spawn even more joyous memes.