Laura Restored Order To The ‘MasterChef’ Universe By Using A Hibachi Grill & Not Making Pasta

Time for some seafood, y’all. Sydney chef and fish butcher Josh Niland (a.k.a. “fish guy”) graced the MasterChef studios and basically schooled the rest of us on how to cut up a fish.

For some, Niland’s presence made the show, regardless of the challenge that was about to happen.

Niland then tested everyone’s fish recognition abilities in the first round of the elimination challenge, and things got tricky quite quickly.

Khanh was the first to drop out. The poor guy mistook a salmon for yellowfin tuna. We’ve all done it.

Then Reece got out by guessing sand whiting. Then, immediately after, Laura made the exact same guess. She too, was up for elimination.

Alright, time for round two. One hour to cook anything using a piece of fish butchered by Niland himself.

I, for one, would’ve considered recreating the humble Fillet-O-Fish.

Oh, Melissa just told Reece he “can’t cook cake everyday.” Did we all hear that? Good.

Khanh was a bit stunned when he pulled his number out of the hat. It was cute.

And then he announces that he will be COOKING THE SAME DISH THAT GOT HIM ELIMINATED BACK IN SEASON 10: Canh chua cá, or sweet and sour fish broth.

Meanwhile, Jock started berating Laura for not using the whole portion of Josh Niland’s beautifully-butchered fish. And get this, she was putting it on a ~hibachi grill~.

Two worlds collided: that of the hibachi grills, and that of pasta-induced hubris. One user summed it up perfectly:

Anyway, let the obligatory hibachi jokes begin.

Meanwhile, Emilia was having fish troubles of her own.

But despite Jock’s fatherly lecture, the judges LOVED Laura’s cooking. Khanh’s too.

All in all, it was nice of fish guy to swing by and liven things up a bit.

Khanh, any thoughts?

Yep, bone app the teeth.