MasterChef Australia 2024 Finale Airs Tonight: When It Starts, Challenges, Finalists & The Prize

MasterChef Australia Nat Thaipun Josh 'Pezza' Perry and Savindri 'Sav' Perera semi final finalists finale

The MasterChef Australia 2024 finale is on tonight, so things are about to get bonkers in the kitchen. So, to get you geed up for some epic culinary skills and high-pressure challenges, we’ve wrangled all the information you need to catch the MasterChef Australia grand finale.

Heads up, there will be a bunch of MasterChef Australia spoilers in this article. You’ve been warned!

It feels like only yesterday when we first saw the cast list for Season 16 of MasterChef Australia. So many bright, fresh faces who were hoping to change the cooking world with their passion for learning, unique techniques and heartfelt recipes with rich lore.

Now that we’re down to our final two for this year’s season, it can only mean one thing. Shit is about to hit the fan in the MasterChef Australia kitchen.

And if you’ve been missing out on some of the episodes, the MasterChef Australia final two are Josh (AKA Pezza) and Nat.

Oh, mate. This is going to be an EMOTIONAL finale.

If you’ve been foaming at the mouth for any tea on the MasterChef Australia finale, we’ve got you covered on when it’ll all come to ‘yuge boil.

So, without further ado, here’s where you can see who will be taking home the $250,000 MasterChef Australia prize.

Here’s everything we know about the MasterChef Australia 2024 finale

When is the MasterChef Australia grand finale?

Now that Finals Week is done and dusted, we know when the grand finale will take place. The big, big finish will take place on Tuesday, 16 July at 7.30pm on Network 10. It’s in this episode that we will find out who is Australia’s Next Top Model – I mean MasterChef.

Ready, steady, cook! Or whatever they say (sarcasm ofc). (Image source: YouTube / 10insider)

What will happen in the MasterChef Australia grand finale?

While we obvs don’t know who the MasterChef Australia winner is just yet, we’ve heard some spicy deets about the challenges our final two will face!

On Monday, the MasterChef Australia semi-final, Pezza, Nat and Sav were put to the test with a Service Challenge. The final three had to serve up a three-course meal to impress the judges, chef zaddy Curtis Stone and 60 diners. After this challenge, Sav was sent home, sending Pezza and Nat into the grand finale.

On Tuesday, the big MasterChef Australia grand finale, Nat and Pezza will go head-to-head in a two-round final challenge. In the final challenge of the season, Michelin star trailblazer Clare Smyth will chuck the top two into boiling water with a four-hour pressure test.

Whoever impresses the judges with their dish will be crowned MasterChef Australia winner for 2024.

If you don’t believe how intense these challenges are, take a peek at this MasterChef Australia grand finale teaser.

Who is in the MasterChef Australia finale?

OUR FINAL TWO IS…. drumroll ploise… NAT AND PEZZA!!!

(Flashback to me manifesting a win for Nat.)

Originally, I thought this year’s sauce boss Sumeet would make it to the finale. However, the InTalian Simmer Sauce founder was knocked out in a surprise elimination for her bacon, egg and blue cheese naan.

On the bright side, her sauce was sold in Coles stores across the nation and she got bragging rights for being the first contestant to reach the MasterChef Australia top 10 in 2024.

(Image source: Instagram / @sumeetsaigal_)

Mimi, who was in the final five, told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she thought Harry would make it to the end. Unfortunately, the seafood-loving bloke was eliminated in the top four.

Who won the MasterChef Australia 2024 finale?

Although we don’t know who will be winning MasterChef Australia 2024, folks are already speculating online on who will be taking the crown. Or the chef hat.

Redditors on r/MasterChefau reckon Nat will be winning for her creativity and unique dishes.

One person even had a theory that the contestant with the least amount of screen time would win. I mean – as someone who’s watched Flavour Of Love multiple times and realised that Hoopz (the woman who won Flava Flav‘s heart in Season One) had minimal screen time in the first episodes, the theory makes sense.

Mimi – who was in the top five – thought she knew who was gonna walk away with the MasterChef Australia title: Harry.

“I actually shared a bench with [Harry] on day one, I cooked next to him and I remember the first time I tasted his food, I was incredibly blown away,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“[He’s] incredibly skilled and talented. It was very hard not to be like, ‘Ooh, I wonder if I’m ever going to get past Harry. So I’m really crossing my fingers that Harry gets to the very end’.”

Unfortunately, Harry was sent home where he missed out on a spot in the top three.

(Psst. If you have MasterChef Australia spoilers, my DMs are open.)

What is the prize for winning MasterChef Australia?

Winners of the MasterChef Australia competition will cop $250,000 to put towards their food dreams.

What’s even more wholesome is that contestants who’ve been booted out of the show usually go on to open up little restaurants, pop-ups or other ventures surrounding their passions for the culinary arts.

For example, Sue, who was booted earlier in the season for the cook-along challenge with Curtis Stone, opened up a small cooking venture titled “Sue Chef”.

When was the MasterChef Australia Finals Week?

MasterChef Australia‘s Finals Week kicked off on Sunday, 7 July. Now that it’s passed, you can rewatch the whole thing on Network 10’s free-to-stream site 10Play.

After Sunday night’s elimination challenge, which saw fan-favourite Mimi leave the MasterChef kitchen, Australia was given its top four for 2024.

On Tuesday night, 2024’s fish fiend Harry was sent home, which left us with the final three contestants in MasterChef Australia’s semi-final.

What happened in MasterChef Australia‘s Finals Week?

MasterChef Australia 2024 Finals Week kicked off with – drumroll please – an elimination challenge.

Sav, Mimi, Pezza and Harry were given five ingredients with incredibly strong flavour profiles to choose from. There was the Époisses cheese, super sweet monk fruit concentrate, spicy Carolina reaper chilli, sour umeboshi plum and bitter gourd.

Harry made gnocchi Époisses with basil and hazelnut pesto and figs, Sav created a Carolina reaper prawn with tomato and Carolina reaper consume, Pezza went for an eye fillet steak with Époisses cheese sauce and puree, and Mimi whipped up a Soft Shell Crab Don with green apple and bitter gourd kimchi with yuzu mayo.

Pezza and Mimi were in the bottom two, but it was Mimi’s lack of sweetness that sent her packing.

On Monday, the top four contestants tackled the season’s final Mystery Box challenge. Sav made a delicious lamprais and won the golden ticket to the semi-final.

In the last Finals Week challenge – which aired Tuesday – seafood icon Josh Niland threw Nat, Pezza and Harry into a three-hour pressure test. Unfortunately, this year’s fish fan Harry was sent packing after failing to impress the judges with his recreation of Josh’s Flounder Kranisky.

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