Hugh Hefner’s Son Has Started OnlyFans But The Reason Behind His Account Is Truly Unexpected

Hugh Hefner‘s son, Marston Hefner, has started his OnlyFans journey, but the reason behind his new gig is definitely something we don’t think the Playboy founder would approve of — unless he also loved Pokémon.

In an exclusive interview with PageSix, the son of the horniest man of all time revealed that he started OnlyFans so he could fund his Pokèmon cards and comic book collecting hobby.

“I joined it [OnlyFans] one, because I believe that nudity — there’s nothing wrong with nudity or sexuality,” he told the publication.

“I really like comic books. I really like Pokémon cards. I’m a collector.

“This is like a way for me to, you know, get some income so that I can buy that Pokémon card that I really want.”

Go off, King. Get those rare Pokémon cards. Just like Ash Ketchum, go out and catch ’em all.

Pokémon cards are the real deal when it comes to collectors and for those who are looking to get a ‘yuge payout.

In 2021, the world’s most expensive Pokémon card — at the time — was purchased in Dubai for a whopping $9.45 mil by Youtuber and PRIME partner Logan Paul.

The 33-year-old did not disclose how much he makes on the content creation website, but he did say that most of the revenue goes straight to his hobby.

“It’s mostly for collecting but it is a long-term avenue for further financial security. But like all of the income right now is going towards Pokémon cards and comic books,” he said.

(Source: Instagram / @marston101)

Hefner also said his wife, Anna Lambropoulos, is not “crazy about” his new side hustle but she wants him to explore what he finds “interesting”.

“She would rather me not be on OnlyFans, but what’s more important to her is me pursuing my dreams or my interests — taking risks,” he said.

It is also reported that Hefner would support his wife if she wanted to open her own OnlyFans account.

Hefner said: “If she wanted to do an open relationship, we’ll talk about it. If she wanted to do anything sexual, that’s a conversation that we have no matter what, and we are always having it.”

Heaps of people have OnlyFans now, so it doesn’t surprise me that the son of the man who literally founded Playboy would try out the platform.

I just absolutely love that he’s so straight up with the intentions of his income.

Maybe I’ll go support him on his venture to obtain the Pokémon card he wants … maybe.