Hugh Hefner’s Trust Details Have Been Revealed & He’s Pretty Cut-Throat

Hugh Hefner‘s death in September this year was a huge deal. The Playboy mogul passed away at 91, amassing quite a dece fortune and estate during his long life.

Details of his trust have dropped today via a petition filed in Los Angeles but the current trustee. The trust is for his four children and his wife of five years, Crystal Hefner.

Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Playboy

It had been amended as recently as March of this year, and there’s a few interesting tidbits.

One is that he had a pretty hectic plan for anyone who came forward claiming to be his kid.

“I expressly disinherit and exclude from any benefit under this Trust Agreement any person who claims to be a child of mind, including any child of mine conceived after my death, unless such child lived with me in my household and was acknowledged by me in writing to be my child,” he states in the documents, which were obtained by E! News.

The other is that substance and alcohol abuse could lead to beneficiaries getting cut off.

Basically, if it’s discovered that Crystal or any of his four kids are abusing illegal drugs or alcohol, they’re suspended from the trust until they’ve been substance-free for 12 months. Trustees can suspect a beneficiary and request testing.

Rose Hartman/Archive Photos/Getty Images

The whole thing seems like an “I care for my family” thing over say, “NOT MY MONEY”, because if one of the beneficiaries is tested positive for illegal drugs or struggles with alcohol abuse, they can consent to treatment that’s paid for from their suspended trust distribution.