A few days back, Mariah Carey‘s soundtrack from the v. polarising 2001 flick Glitter shot to number one on the US iTunes charts 17 years after its release.

The hashtag #JusticeForGlitter went nuts on Twitter as die-hard Carey fans single-handedly gave the album the props it so desperately deserved.

As this was happening, the Grammy-winning queen of Christmas music appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she explained that she’s still shook over the news as the film “almost ruined my life.”

“It was a tough time when it came out. It was a whole thing, it was a drama,” she adds.

Upon its release, Glitter was an immediate critical and commercial failure, making just $5.3 million worldwide, according to IMDB.

Some credit this to the fact that the film hit theatres on Sept. 21, 2001 — 10 days after the terrorist attacks in New York City’s World Trade Center, Washington D.C.’s Pentagon and Pennsylvania’s Somerset County.

Others blame what has been described as Carey’s public meltdown where she crashed MTV’s Total Request Live and later checked herself into a hospital for both medical and psychiatric care.

“She literally was on no sleep,” Carey’s publicist told PEOPLE at the time. Due to her condition, she was forced to cancel all future promo for the film as well as MTV’s 20th-anniversary concert.

Despite this, the soundtrack, which is both nothing short of iconic in this entertainment editor’s not-so humble opinion, can finally boast its rightful spot at number one on the charts.

Congratulations, queen.