Festive Queen Mariah Carey Smashed Spotify Records With All I Want For Christmas Is You

Mariah Carey

Congratulations are in order for our flawless festive queen Mariah Carey, who has broken Spotify records for the most streams in a single day thanks to her yuletide bop ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You‘.

Official streaming figures were released yesterday, and it was confirmed that the song broke the record for the most single-day streams in Spotify history, with 17.223 million – that’s a hell of a lot of festive cheer in the one day.

In fact, Mariah Carey has been breaking her own records for a few years at this point. On December 25, 2018, the song set made Spotify history with 10.82 million plays. She surpassed this a year later, with 12.029 million streams in a single day.

The other pop girls want what Mimi has.

She seemed overjoyed to hear the news, taking to social media to write:

I know people think I’m making “coin” (lil’ secret: artists make very little from streams) but the real reason I’m sitting here in astonishment & gratitude is seeing the joy this little song I wrote brings to people. THANK YOU & MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Mariah Carey famously wrote ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ in just fifteen minutes during a session with producer Walter Afanasieff.

She has since released Extra Festive and SuperFestive! versions of the song, and will surely reach further dizzying heights of festivity in years to come as she keeps on snatching that streaming crown.