Sharon Has Been “Working On Something” Set To Drop Soon, So That’s Iso Entertainment Sorted

In these doomed times, it seems only the foxy ladies of Fountain Lakes can give us respite from the endless torment of bad news.

So it’s perfect timing for Kath & Kim star Magda Szubanski to casually drop the news that we’ll be seeing Sharon Strzelecki in the very near future.

“Just letting you know that Sharon has been busy working on something that she wants to share with you,” Szubanski tweeted.

“Very soon. So keep an eye out.”

And just like that, the entertainment news of the year was dropped before our eyes.

Despite the series ending in 2007, Sharon’s had a whirlwind last couple of months.

Last year she appeared in not one but two Uber Eats ads, alongside Kim Kardashian and Serena Williams.

Back in 2012, she also appeared as Kim’s second-best friend in the feature film Kath & Kimderella.

From netball to cricket, Uber Eats ads to movies, it’s clear Sharon’s got the range to do it all. What could possibly be in store for her is now anyone’s guess.

It’s time to crack open the Tia Maria and put on some footy franks, ‘cos this calls for celebration no matter what the outcome is.