Crack Out The Baileys ‘Cos Magda Szubanski And Katy Perry Are Now Besties

Sharon Strzelecki has a new mate, and she’s a little bit unusual.

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Australian comedy hero Magda Szubanski has shared videos of her palling around with none other than Katy Perry before the singer’s Sunday night gig in Melbourne.

In the moments before Perry took to the Rod Laver Arena stage for her Witness tour performance, Szubanski managed to share a little bit of Australian culture with the American pop star by way of Kath & Kim.

Footage posted on Szubanski’s Instagram shows her reviving the beloved Strzelecki, and sharing one of the show’s many catchphrases with the singer.

Perry even managed to take her own video of the interaction, cementing Kath & Kim’s enduring and cross-cultural appeal.

Szubanski’s night somehow got bigger from there, as she even teed up with Celine goddamn Dion at the concert.

Whether Dion was labelled a foxy moron is yet to be seen.

The video arrives at the midway point of Perry’s tour, which is yet to see her command stages in Brisbane and Sydney.

We’ll keep you posted if Russell Coight manages to smuggle Perry away on an All Aussie Adventure before jetting back to the States.