Ex-MAFS Stars Have Been Fuming In A WhatsApp Group Chat About Dom Scoring A Sweet New Gig

Married At First Sight stars are apparently pissed off that Domenica Calarco has scored herself a stunning new hosting gig at Nine. It’s giving…. bitter.

According to The Daily Mail, Dom’s got a new gig hosting a web series on 9Now where she’ll FaceTime ex-MAFS contestants  ahead of the new season. Cute.

Can’t wait to see the episode with Al Perkins, where he’ll presumably be phoning in from the Love Island villa.

Dom was also reportedly offered a role on Celebrity Apprentice earlier this year, so we’re talking some huge TV slays here.

Other MAFS stars aren’t so happy about Dom’s new gig though, and took to the loftiest of gossip havens — a WhatsApp group — to discuss. It’s absolutely giving “secret cousins group chat” energy.

Per The Daily Mail, an email inviting ex-MAFS stars to appear on the show was shared into the group chat. Apparently it did not go down well.

“Look, we’re happy to be involved but she has been nothing but a wench to most of the cast,” one contestant told The Daily Mail.

“Nobody but Ella [Ding] wants anything to do with her.

“It would make better sense to mix it up and maybe have someone more official and unbiased.”

Obviously there is much to unpack here but first and foremost: WENCH???

Sorry, is this actually Married At First Pirate Ship? Married At First Ye Olde TavernMarried While Churning Thy Butter?

I am simply baffled by this word choice. And I have to say, I’d happily watch an episode of Married While Churning Thy Butter.

Somehow I doubt Dom will pay much mind to the goings on of the group chat though given she’s currently dating an Italian hunk of spunk who doesn’t speak much English.

Absolutely living the bloody dream. I can only imagine she’s feeling unbothered, unstressed and simply blessed.