Married At First Sight (MAFS) fan favourite Domenica Calarco has revealed she has a new Italian man in her life that barely speaks English and honestly… I’m so jealous. I’m tired of being the Italian boyfriend in my relationship. I want a Florentine papà to swing into my life and shower me in compliments and cannoli.

Domenica revealed her new Italian fling during her Sit With Us podcast with Ella Ding, saying she’s decided to extend her stay in Italy just to see more of him. It’s giving Under the Tuscan Sun. It’s giving Eat, Pray, Love. It’s giving the unproblematic version of 365 Days.

“There’s a little something that’s happened while I’ve been in Europe, and it’s quite nice,” she said.

“It comes in the form of a man that we met on the island of Capri.”

Imagine being able to say that you met a dreamy man on the island of Capri with your whole chest. That’s how you know you’ve made it in life.

“He doesn’t really speak English and I don’t really speak that much Italian, so the language barrier is actually hilarious.

“But there’s something about it that just works.

“When we video [chat], we communicate just through look. It’s the weirdest thing, I don’t even know how to explain it.”

She also clarified that when the two do try to chat it’s completely via an app that translates conversations.

Domenica and her anonymous man apparently met again in Naples where they went on a cute coffee date. For some reason, Domenica’s mum tagged along.

“We didn’t kiss, he just gave me a hug. Then he messaged me when I was on the train after we’d left and he said, ‘I really wanted to kiss you but your mum was there’, which was really cute,” she said.

The two are apparently planning to meet again in Florence. I’m simply obsessed with all of this. I need my version of this immediately. I need the film version of this by tomorrow. Domenica in Italia (working title).

“He is very thoughtful and romantic, which I don’t know if that’s weird to say because we’ve literally only met a few times and gone on a few dates,” she said.

“He’s done more in two dates than a lot of men that I’ve dated recently.”

Oof. Poor Dom. At least this Italian king is treating her right.