Ex-MAFS Bride Tamara, Despo For Attention, Leaked Texts Brent Sent Her Last Year & Move On, Luv

Former MAFS star Tamara Djordjevic and black screen with white text which reads: "WARNING my next stories are exposing some mafs lies from filming on my season"
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Tamara Djordjevic, who was a contestant on a season of Married At First Sight which finished airing on April 4, 2022, has decided to reignite her beef with her on-screen husband Brent Vitiello. On March 23, 2023. Almost a year later.

Jesus wept.

Tamara took to her Instagram Stories to spill the beans which literally no one asked for.

But before doing that, she warned readers that she was going to be “exposing some MAFS lies from filming” and I am not lying when I say I have never seen a funnier Instagram Story in my life. My neighbours must think I suddenly acquired a goose because I have been honking uncontrollably ever since I saw the warning emoji.

Credit: Instagram / @tamara__djordjevic__

Tamara then got stuck into the deeply mid tea.

“Good morning, everybody. Guys, I’ve been woken up to something that just … you know what? I’ve had enough,” she said.

“It’s been like two years Brent, move the fuck on. Stop telling the same story that’s a lie and living in this false fucking reality.

“We’re all sick of the MAFS sob stories, right? Well I am anyway, especially when it’s my name that continuously gets brought up and it’s just a complete lie.”

Not to be a binch but the MAFS 2022 cast is, quite literally, so last season. It’s all about Manchild Cam and Tassie Devil Tayla now, babe! Sorry! I don’t make the rules!

“So, Brent is still saying that he brutally dumped me on television … and he’s this hero because he did it and he’s created a movement for people to leave toxic relationships,” Tamara continued.

“Ya didn’t dump me. I moved out of that apartment so long before the end of MAFS and I wanted to go home. I repeatedly said I wanted to go home. I’ve got the receipts, I’ve got the text messages.

“I was offered money years ago from the paps to sell but I was like, you know what, I don’t want to get involved in the drama.”

Instead, she decided to wait a year or so and share them to her Instagram Story for free. Financial advisors HATE her!

The texts Tamara shared basically consisted of her telling Brent she wanted to leave MAFS and didn’t want to participate in the experiment anymore, and the only reason she said she’d stay is ‘cos he wanted to.

Credit: Instagram / @tamara__djordjevic__
Credit: Instagram / @tamara__djordjevic__

Another series of texts showed that Brent told Tamara he wanted to end the whole MAFS hullaballoo on a good note at the final vows.

“We have four more things to film and for the first time ever in MAFS, our final vows can be funny, thankful that we bf [sic] this experience together, we know it won’t work but we did a great job bla bla and go out like bosses,” he said.

“Whatever happens, I’ll support you, just don’t forget that. I’m on your team and I’ll go with whatever.”

Credit: Instagram / @tamara__djordjevic__

Obviously, this did not happen because Brent shat on Tamara’s existence right in front of everyone’s salad at the final vows. That “good luck … and good riddance!” zinger when he threw his cards on the ground and galloped away into the sunset? Divine.

Fast forward to today and Tamara is still heaps cut that people think Brent was the dumper when he was, in fact, the dumpee. Or at least she says he was. I don’t know! It’s not my circus, nor is it my monkeys!

Tamara “The Dumper” Djordjevic said she wanted to divulge this information for herself so she could share her truth, but the timing is intriguing ‘cos Brent recently appeared on Domenica Calarco and Ella May Ding‘s podcast Sit With Us

‘Tis interesting! But also who cares because MAFS Season Ten wraps up on Sunday and I have a new bunch of guinea pigs to care about.