MAFS’ Brent Gave A Rogue Interview On Which Spicy Scene Was Fully Staged & We Bloody Knew It

mafs brent tamara staged moment

Everyone’s favourite Married At First Sight (MAFS) escapee Brent Vitiello has gone rogue and given an interview about a huge moment on the show being completely staged. Are you trying to tell me there were moments on MAFS that weren’t genuine, real and authentic? Crying in the aisle RN.

Chatting with Aussie reality TV stars Michael Brunelli and Josh Moss on The Handbags poddy, Brent divulged the secrets behind his final vows moment that had us all cheering at the screen. You know, the one where he completely put Tamara in her place and then stormed off like a king? Yeah, that one.

According to Brent, that entire moment was pre-planned. Including the mic-drop moment with his cards.

“I’ll be honest, I planned to drop the cards,” said Brent.

“I’d had enough and I was ready to walk away and make a statement that she needed to understand.

“I had taken shot to shot from Tamara and I wanted to say my piece and walk away. It took me a week to write that speech.”

Pre-planned or not the moment still lives rent-free in my noggin.

In case you missed the episode, here are some highlights from Brent’s final vows speech:

“Closer to the end, as the stresses of the experiment really started to wear us down … your true colours showed you to be vindictive, spiteful and self-absorbed,” he said.

“I was made to feel like a fool chasing you around for the smallest amount of decency and respect that anyone in the world should show another human.

“You are not God’s gift to humanity. So stop looking down on everyone. I don’t even know where you get the confidence to do so.

“So on that note, good luck, good riddance.”

Tamara responded to seeing Brent’s speech on national television in an interview with 9Now.

“Brent, I guess he wanted to have his say, have the last word, carry on like a child, throw his cards on the ground and pretty much just a ‘fuck you,’” she said.

“If that’s what he needs to do, and that’s what he feels is necessary then good on him. I was fine with it.”

Everything seemingly fell into the right place in the end, now that Brent and Ella are enjoying their time together and Tamara and Mitch look like a thing. We love a happy ending.