MAFS Bride Tamara’s Bday Footage Was So Fkd, TikTok Slapped A Disturbing Content Warning On It

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The MAFS 2022 cast might be done cursing our TV screens but now they’ve moved on to cursing our phone screens. The brides and grooms got their ‘grams back recently, just in time for Tamara Djordjevic to throw a dirty, dirty, DIRTY 30th birthday bash and plaster it all over Instagram.

Not gonna lie, I don’t follow any of the cast on my personal account so I didn’t catch the gross content as it went live (and was thus able to have a restful weekend). But luckily (I guess?) the So Dramatic! podcast collated all the footage into one TikTok video.

Warning: the footage is so messed up that TikTok legit slapped a sensitive content warning over it as “some people may find this video to be disturbing.”

Too true, TikTok. Too true.


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The video began with three blokes pissing on a wall, one of them being MAFS groom Jackson Lonie and another one being Mitch Eynaud, whose dacks are dropped for some reason.

I love that there’s a large peach emoji over his butt even though we’ve seen it, like, a billion times already.

Elsewhere in the video, Tamara can be seen complaining about Katy Perry (???) while sitting on a bus en route to a venue.

During the same bus ride, Olivia Frazer revealed she’s wearing a brown dress just to get back at “the trolls.” Ah, good one…

Later on in the evening, Jackson gave Tamara a lap dance and the whole thing was documented on social media and mates, we absolutely did not need to see this. Any of this.

Is this what a few months away from social media does to you? It makes ya think that every single ridiculous moment from your ridiculous outing belongs on Instagram?

Please, make it staaaaahp!

So what part of this earned the video the sensitive content warning? Honestly, could’ve been bloody anything.

From the return of #browndressgate to the lap dance to the pants-less pissing. The whole thing was absolutely cursed and I’m gonna need Ed and Lorraine Warren (the IRL ghosthunters of The Conjuring) to swing by and bless my phone and banish all the demons the MAFS cast unleashed upon me with their demonic activity.