MAFS’ Tahnee & Ollie Spill More Batshit Scenes Cut From The Reunion’s Final Edit

Married At First Sight (MAFS) may technically be over for 2023 but it feels like we’re getting even more tea than ever from the cooked reality series. Especially since we found out from insider sources that a whole lot of drama was edited out of the MAFS Reunion.

While we already knew that the reunion footage had been butchered to buggery thanks to the tea an anonymous MAFS 2023 bride spilled to So Dramatic!. Now, golden couple Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook have weighed in with even more dramatic moments that were nixed from the final edit.

An explosive argument

According to Tahnee, the dinner party was “way more chaotic than what was shown on television.”

In fact, the behaviour was so bonkers that the couple were shocked to see the conflict didn’t make it to air.

“I remember looking around and there were three arguments that they could have centred a whole episode around happening at the one time,” Ollie told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

“At one point the producers came in and said, ‘Guys, everyone is screaming over the top of each other, we can’t hear a darn thing’,” he recounted.

“At one point I was sitting across from Jesse [Burford] and we were both literally looking left, right, left, right. We were like, where do we look? Which fight are we listening to?” Tahnee added.

The anonymous bride backed up their claim.

She previously told So Dramatic! that there was an explosive screaming match between a bunch of the cast that was so ruthless producers had to step in. They claimed that the fight was between the most fame hungry of the contestants who were screaming at each other to get time in front of the camera and the final say.

Ooft. I truly wish we could have seen that fuckery, but alas, you can’t win them all.

This is what I reckon Ollie and Tahnee looked like as they watched the MAFS Reunion.

Sandy confronts Dan

While Tahnee said that there was “so much stuff that was edited out”, she was most disappointed that Sandy Jawanda‘s confrontation of her dirtbag on-screen husband Dan Hunjas was completely edited out of the finale.

“I really thought Sandy had a beautiful moment just standing up for herself and really confronting Dan and having that moment with him,” she explained.

“Sandy obviously went through a lot within the experiment, so it was just a really nice rounded-off moment. She was owning him and coming forward with all this stuff she had heard, and he had nothing to say. I really would’ve loved to watch that.”

Same, queen, same.

The gals vs their shitty grooms

Sandy and Dan’s 1v1 wasn’t the only confrontation we missed. According to Tahnee, we didn’t get to see Janelle Han and Adam Seed have it out, or Caitlin McConville and Shannon Adams.

“There was a lot people didn’t see,” Tahnee said.

“There was so much happening and I guess they had to choose the highlights because there was honestly too much content.”

“I really thought they should have made a four-part series of the whole reunion, seriously. I think people would’ve loved to see it,” she said.

One couple officially ends things amicably

While we’re all clearly here for the messy drama, Tahnee says that it was lovely to see Josh White and Melissa Sheppard end things on a good note during the finale.

“They had a conversation and they really ended things nicely,” she said.

After everything they went through on the show, I’m happy to hear that things are all good between them.

Sneaky editing

After Monday night’s episode, fans were left feeling hopeful for the future of Jesse and Claire Normahas‘ relationship. But when Tahnee and Ollie watched the episode, they were shocked by the misleading way their concluding couch session was edited.

“I found Jesse and Claire’s narrative at the end of the reunion that they were together to be insincere. That was no what anyone was experiencing on the couch. They were just friends,” Ollie asserted.

“Looking at that on a surface level would indicate to me that Claire is moving to Perth to live with Jesse. Claire was actually just going to visit Lyndall [Grace] for a weekend, but it was alluding to the fact that they were getting back together,” he said.

A bride storms out

When the experts played back clips from Melissa Sheppard‘s time on the show, the anonymous bride revealed that Melissa was absolutely devastated. She apparently felt like she’d been publicly slut-shamed and walked out of the set.
“Melissa was a mess. She was crying and inconsolable. Jesse [Burford] was there with her trying to calm her down until a producer walked over to try and talk to her,” they said.
“Melissa was having none of it and didn’t want a bar of production. She ripped off her microphone and announced she was leaving. They knew they did her wrong and let her walk out.”

It’s not the first time we’ve heard this, either. Last week, a source told the So Dramatic! podcast about Melissa’s tear-filled walk out. But apparently, the only person to check up on her after filming was Tayla Winter.

(Credit: Instagram / Married At First Sight @mafs)

Harrison continues making “funny” comments

The MAFS rat also claimed that a comment from Harrison Boon was cut from the final edit.

Harrison allegedly asked Duncan “why would he want to be with a single 35-year-old mum with baggage when he can pick up 22-year-olds after this,” the anon bride claimed.


On an episode of Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding‘s podcast Sit With Us released last week, Harrison mentioned that his sense of humour was often misunderstood or his jokes were edited to make him sound like a wanker.

Hmm I don’t know how you’d slice this comment, pal, but for your sake I’m glad it was deleted from the final edit.

 Old mate got a p(Credit: Instagram / Married At First Sight @mafs)

Bronte and Harrison hogged the couch

Apparently after their relationship went up in flames on the show, Bronte Schofield and Harrison received the most time on the ouch couch in front of the experts. But while you’d think there would be a lot of golden yet ridiculous nuggets to unpack, the source claims that barely any of it actually went to air.

Maybe that’s because the pair seemed to air their dirty laundry aka text chains to the media. But what can I say? We ate that shit UP.

Well, there you have it. I guess that’s all the juicy goss we missed out on in the final episode.

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