MAFS DRAMA: Lauren’s Accused Matt Of Just Using Her To Lose His V-Card

Hooooo boy, that MAFS drama just keeps heating up amirite? If you’re not loving (or hate-watching) the series yet, you’re definitely out of the loop when it comes to the group chat convo and office chit-chat. But you’re here, which means you’re TRYING, and that’s nice. That’s a nice thing.

[jwplayer CSE6U6FK]

Anyway, the new buzz centres around the couple who were the cutest ever, and are now… maybe a pile of trash-fire flames. Yep, it’s Lauren Huntriss & Matt-the-not-virgin-anymore Bennett, who famously had sex on the show – a surprisingly sweet, romantic moment that saw Matt overcome his anxiety c/o Lauren’s patience and understanding.

Things seemed peachy for the pair until this week, with Matt expressing that Lauren might be too adventurous for him after that whole “I want to unleash the beast” chat, where Lauren expressed her sexual adventurousness and previous lesbian relationships. But Lauren also seemed like she was finding Matt a bit too awkward, after a get-to-know-you game fell really, really flat – and confessed that she really needed her partner to be confident in the bedroom.

It was clear the couple were on the rocks a little. And it looks like things might fall to pieces tonight, after this promo dropped:

Ooooh shit, looks like Matt is going to drop a bomb on Lauren, telling her he’s not… attracted to her – and she’s not cool with it. Which I totally get. Like it’s one thing to feel like you aren’t suited, it’s quite another to drop this line:

‘I’m not actually attracted to Loz.’ 


 ‘Did you use me to lose your virginity?’ she asks, adding “I just feel a bit used, Matt.”

UM, SAME TBH. If I was Lauren. I think I’m getting too invested in these people’s lives.

Anyway you’ll have to tune in tonight to see if it goes down the way the promo’s angling it. Hooooo boy, that’ll be a blow-up if so.