Ex-‘MAFS’ Villain Jessika Power Claims To Have All The Tea On An Upcoming Drew Shitstorm

Last year’s Married At First Sight villain Jessika Power is claiming that one of this year’s contestants has reached out to her for advice over a certain sitch.

Speaking to Get Up With Krysti and Bodge, Power claims intruder groom Drew Brauer told her that he was initially intended to be part of a wife-swap storyline, similar to hers and Dan Webb’s last year, but he refused.

“So the new intruder, Drew, he’s spoken to me a few times and he mentioned that there were situations that he was put in by producers that he didn’t want to be put in,” she claims.

“Everybody knows Dan and I swapped partners on the show,” she said. “They basically wanted a swap out of Drew, and he said no.”

So does this mean ANOTHER wipe-swap storyline is on its way?

Frankly, I don’t take anything Jessika Power says as worth a shit, but definitely thought this was an intriguing tidbit for those of us who are keeping tabs on the whole sitch.

It’s also worth mentioning that recent leaked DMs between Drew’s MAFS wife KC Osborne and fellow bride Stacey Hampton revealed that the latter’s TV hubby Michael Goonan ultimately gets with KC, meaning this wife-swap scenario might actually go ahead after all.

Head here for more tea on that whole scenario.

Shit’s about to get GOOD, fam.