Okay, enough with this year’s MAFS folks, let’s have a peek into the ghosts of Married At First Sight Australia past: Jessika Power recently split up with her rapper boyfriend, Filip Poznanovic, and wouldn’t ya bloody know it? The bloke’s already written a diss track about her.

The Gold Coast rapper, whose rap name is, wait for it… Filthy Fil… dropped a diss track called Splashin Remix on YouTube this week, where he details the breakdown of his several months-long relationship with Jessika Power.

In the song, he sings: “My ex was a snitch. I see my ex talking shit. I can accept what she is. Why the fuck you acting so sour? It because you got your last name but you ain’t got no power?”

Adding that “Two months with her felt like I was back in prison.”

Wait a minute, wait a minute… BACK in prison. Yikes.

Jessika Power with her Gold Coast rapper ex, Filthy Fil. (Credit: Instagram)

The song ends with more wild claims about Jessika Power, including allegations of infidelity.

“I found a Snapchat on her phone, it was with her ex. It was taken two days before I actually found it. I just packed my bags and left.

“She told me to come live with her, I didn’t want to live with her. I wanted to live at my mum’s house. But I had a broken f**king leg, she insisted,” he raps.

He ended the song: “No matter how famous you think you are, it doesn’t give you the right to treat people like shit.”

Jessika Power announced her split last week in a statement to Daily Mail Australia, revealing that the breakup was totally mutual.

“We were really good friends before we dated. It’s just been recent that we decided that we are better as friends,” she said.  “I’m sad, but that’s okay.”

The publication later spoke to Filip, who shared his side of the story, claiming he was aware that Jessika was friends with several of her exes but “didn’t mind it” and never became jealous during their relationship.

“We agreed to end it mutually and not be nasty,” he added. “Jessika has a good heart and she’s an amazing friend, but as a partner she’s not what I expected her to be.

“I love her and I’m still in love with her. But I’m not going to let love blind me, because she’s ‘famous’.”

Jessika also denied speaking to other men during their relationship. “It’s just the easiest narrative to lay on me because of my portrayal on a TV show.”

Jessika Power starred on Married At First Sight and also recently appeared in MAFS: All-Stars.