‘MAFS’ Root Rats Jessika & Dan Have Done An Interview Defending Their Affair

MAFS Jessika Dan

Having only just dropped the bombshell on Married At First Sight last night that they have been smooching all over the place, villainous duo Jessika Power and Dan Webb have done a radio interview this morning defending their actions.

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The pair, who were matched with Mick Gould and Tamara Joy respectively, finally revealed that they’ve found love with each other instead of with their “husband” and “wife” on the show. The revelation prompted Mick to scream: “You are the most selfish brat ever, you spoiled bitch”, which obviously made for highly dramatic viewing.

While Jess admits blurting it out at the commitment ceremony instead of telling Mick and Tamara beforehand probably wasn’t the best way to reveal it, the pair seemed relieved while speaking to Chrissie Swan, Sam Pang and Jonathan Brown on Nova 100‘s Melbourne breakfast show this morning.

“We can accept what we’ve done is not the right way to go about it, but we want everyone to see how happy and in love we are, Jessika said during the chat, while Dan seems acutely aware that their sneaking around might have been triggering for some viewers who have been through the same experiences.

People sitting at home can obviously relate, there’s people who have been cheated on in relationships or people who have had marriages fall apart… I can see why viewers get upset. The way we went about things wasn’t good at all, to be honest.

When Chrissie asks the couple if the producers egged on their romance, Jessika concedes that finding champagne and two glasses set up for them during their secret little chats was perhaps a silent form of encouragement from the MAFS crew, but she does point out: “You can’t put it all back on the show. You’ve gotta own your actions.” 

Chrissie also questions whether it’s even really cheating, since they were paired up with their partners by the show and not by choice. Jess responds by saying: “I didn’t see it as cheating, only because I was never in love with Mick and Dan was never in love with Tamara.”

The couple are also quick to talk about the fact that they were attracted to each other upon their first meeting, which kind of goes against the whole MAFS approach on matching people based on science, with Jess saying: “Our attraction was straight away. I think we’ve just proven that you can’t really beat chemistry.” 

Jessika and Dan of course remain on the show, because while the MAFS producers may not know what makes a good pairing, they do know what makes good TV.