‘MAFS’ Expert Mel Schilling Breaks Her Silence On The Heavy Online Backlash

Married At Fight Sight (MAFS) ‘expert’ Mel Schilling copped a whole lotta heat after telling Bronson Norrish off for using the C-word while allowing Ines Basic to spew her brand of hate.

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People are so pissed, in fact, that a Change.org petition to have Schilling fired has clocked in almost 60K signatures in just a coupla days.

The TV personality was also forced to shut down the commenting option on her personal Instagram to avoid being berated by angry fans.

Now, Schilling has addressed the intense backlash and she isn’t sorry. Not one bit.

During her appearance on Talking Married, she was asked if she’d do it again, to which she responded, “Absolutely.”

She also claimed that the other contestants had a similar response to Bronson’s blow-up.

“If you looked around the room and saw all the brides and grooms, their reaction was the same,” Mel explained.

It‘s actually never excusable to use that language toward anyone.”

“It’s disrespectful, and it cuts down someone’s self esteem and it can have lasting effects. So, I’m always going to call out that behaviour.”

Adding, “That language is inappropriate in any setting towards any person. I’m going to call that out, whether it’s a man or woman.”

Fellow expert John Aiken added: “What’s important to know is that the experts only see the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies, so we’re dealing with what’s in front of us.”

Schilling went on to reveal that we haven’t seen the last of the drama as she calls out other contestants in future eps.

“If people stay with us and continue the journey throughout the experiment, you’re gonna see us calling out all sorts of behaviour, particularly the women,” she said.

“The women are called out on their behaviour on a number of occasions so it’s really a balanced approach.”

Yesterday, former MAFS contestant Sean Thomsen spoke out about the ‘expert’s’ behaviour during a scathing Instagram Story.

“Hopefully the petition gets 50,000 and they kick Mel out,” he said before the petition had exceeded its goal. “Everyone goes, ‘Mel’s awesome Mel’s awesome!’ She wasn’t awesome to me.’”

“She ignored me the whole time, didn’t say shit because I didn’t fit in that category,” he added.


He went on to agree with the creator of the petition and its whopping number of signers who believe Schilling should be sacked.

“So, fucking kick her out. I don’t give a fuck, get rid of her. Cancel the show. It’s a fucking load of shit so I’m pretty happy that it’s gone the way it’s gone.”

Sean also said his experience on the show was a bad one and praised the general public for “waking up” to the truth of reality telly.

“It kind of makes me realise that I’m not going insane,” he said, adding that he was “losing [his] mind” on the show.