‘MAFS’ Expert Mel Defends Decision To Rouse On Bronson For Dropping C-Bomb

mafs expert defends backlash

Because the shit-show that is Married At First Sight seems like it’s impossible to slow, here’s the latest: one of the show’s “experts”, Mel Schilling, has defended her choice to rouse on contestant Bronson Norrish for using the C-bomb to describe his extremely rude and cruel wife Ines Basic, while ignoring Ines’s appalling behaviour towards Bronson.

During Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, Bronson described Ines as going “straight back to c**t mode“, prompting Schilling to respond:

When you use language like that in relation to a woman, how do you expect her to respond to you? A tip from me to you: don’t use language like that if you want any chance of a relationship with a woman.

The viewing public were not impressed by this at all, but Schilling has defended her actions, saying that the experts don’t get to see the couples going about their business the way viewers of the show do – they only see them at the dinner parties, and when they’re on the couch in front of them.

As experts sitting on that couch we are not privy to everything that happens to the participants during the week. If a person had a problem and they sought professional advice, that professional wouldn’t have seen what they’d done for the last week outside of that session. They only have what’s going on in that session to respond to.

Similarly, that’s all I was responding to — what was happening there in the moment without the benefit of that information about what had happened in the wedding and the honeymoon. We only saw what was happening in front of us.

Executive producer of the show Tara McWilliams backed her up on this, saying:

It’s important to understand that the experts’ role consists of three parts: the matchmaking of the couples, observing the dinner parties, providing relationship advice at the commitment ceremonies and any private couples counselling if required. They aren’t present during any filming outside of these weekly events, including the weddings and honeymoons.

Okay sure. Let’s take that as a given. Now, let’s recap exactly how Ines was behaving towards Bronson during her time on the couch at the commitment ceremony with a few choice quotes:

  • “Who the fuck has an eyebrow ring?”
  • “I don’t want him fucking touching me.”
  • “I don’t want him in the same room as me.”
  • “What Bronson says to me, like I really don’t fucking care.”
  • “I wanted to fall in love. I just wasn’t expecting it to be with… that.”
  • “If anyone here wants to give me their husband, give it to me.”

[jwplayer y3APynMc]

I dunno about you, but if one of my friends had a partner who talked about them that way – regardless of gender – there would be a bunch of red flags going up. But it was Bronson’s choice use of the C-word – a word which, I must add, is extremely common pretty much everywhere in Australia! – that copped a scolding from Schilling. Interesting.

Schilling told 9Honey:

I’m gender-blind in that role. Abusive or harmful behaviour is something I’m going to call out whether it’s men or women doing it.

To which I must reply with the most scornful eye-roll I can summon. Very interested to see where we go from here with Ines and Bronson, with or without the “help” of the “experts”.