‘MAFS’ Dude Bronson Is Somewhat Sorry For His See You Next Tuesday Outburst

There’s an entire essay to be written about the parallels between last night’s episode of Married At First Sight and the scourge of neoliberal civility politics, and how appearing to be respectful seems far more important than actually addressing the root causes of toxicity in our relationships – and in our lives more broadly.

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This is not that essay. This is just us, sharing with you, Bronson Norrish‘s totally understandable comments about last night’s car crash of a ‘commitment ceremony’ on Married At First Sight.

In case you missed it, the ‘experts’ – who the author of this piece has questioned previously – chastised Norrish for saying his on-show partner Ines Basic acted like a “cunt” due to casual and consistent way she has demeaned him for the entirety of their ‘relationship’. 

While fans acknowledged the singular brutality of that particular curse word, many sided with Norrish for expressing his frustration. But in a new interview with Honey, Bronson acknowledged he may have overstepped the mark with that particular epithet.

“She made me feel that bad about myself and I was not happy and I just snapped,” the 34-year-old said, but admitted “I probably could have dealt with it a lot better.”

On his decision to stick around, despite Basic’s choice to opt out of the show, Norrish said “that isn’t what the experiment is about.

“The experiment is about giving marriage a go, so I wanted to push through with it.”

So, uh, cool. More avoidable tension, brought to you by the biggest frauds on television, coming right up.