On MAFS last night, things happened. What things? All of the things. And one key moment was when Michael – the worst person ever – denied kissing Hayley and cheating on his wife, saying he “couldn’t remember” everything that happened the night they were out together.

Naturally, the rest of the spouses on MAFS weren’t too keen on the dude, and peeled off into smaller groups to chat about the drama ensuing. At one point, Jonethen – Connie’s husband and one of the less shit people on this show – said to Aleks and Ivan “I don’t trust this [bleep].”

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My face after tonight’s episode #MAFS

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Turns out, according to The Daily Mail, a primo source ONLY for trashy reality TV news, that Jonnie actually called Michael a cunt. Which therefore makes him my hero.

It gets spicier. According to The DM, the top-tier slur was only caught by producers at the last second, meaning we almost got a c-bomb on prime time TV. WHAT A MOMENT THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN.

Not that MAFS hasn’t seen the word cunt thrown around before – anyone remember the infamous moment Bronson called his wife Ines a cunt? That was bleeped out too, but what wasn’t bleeped was expert Mel Schilling’s shut down of Bronson for being, well, a cunt.

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soft like marshmallow ????

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Frankly I’m shocked there isn’t MORE swearing on this show, considering the drama. Maybe over time, it’ll be fuck for every second word? Probably.