Everyone’s So Hyped Coco Finally Gave Sam The Reality Check He Rightfully Deserves On MAFS

MAFS Coco & Sam

Coco is an absolute queen. Or at least, that was true for a brief moment on MAFS when she rightfully put her TV husband Sam in his place by ranking his attractiveness honestly among the other men on the show.

After Sam spent the whole season so far criticising Coco and even saying that he’s only really attracted to curvier girls (not to mention, seconds after Sam literally ranked her in a not-so-crash-hot position in the same task), Coco admitted that he was towards the back of the pack, in her eyes.

It was honest, it was fair, and most of all, it was what he deserved.


Let’s break down the logic of the moment, shall we?

Sam ranked Coco in fourth position after spending the whole season criticisng her looks and personality. Coco then ranked him in fourth-last position, after keeping her thoughts to herself earlier on.

Suddenly, he’s the upset one?! Ridiculous.

Twitter agreed.


Honestly, it was pure queen behaviour and all of us had no choice but to stan.

Later on, Sam has the AUDACITY to sit Coco down and whinge some more.

And when Coco opened up and expressed how hurt and frustrated she is by his behaviour, Sam doubled down on the douchebaggery by making himself the victim.

…also, remember that letter-writing task earlier in the episode? So do we.


In conclusion:

Coco got up, left the apartment and cut that man out of her life (for now).

Good fkn riddance.