MAFS Bloke Sam Carraro Is Now Dating An Ex Bachie Babe Who You Absolutely Forgot Existed

Okay so based on what’s going down on MAFS, we knew Sam Carraro surely doesn’t end up with Coco Stedman, right?

In a recent episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, it was revealed that Sam was spotted out and about at The Albion “definitely looking very single” and chatting up girls. Host Megan Pustetto revealed that he and Coco are defs donezo and Sam has “even called her ‘nuts’.”

So yes, we knew they wouldn’t go the distance. But now, The Wash has obtained images that low-key prove that Sam is, in fact, taken, but it’s not by his MAFS missus, it’s by another dating show star.

The publication reports that Sam is now dating Sandra Rato, who you’ll remember from Sam Wood’s season of The Bachelor, back in 2015. A fan snapped pics of the pair in Melbourne’s St Kilda and sent them in.

Sandra Rato didn’t find love in Sam Wood, but she has in Sam Carraro.

“We saw him walking with Sandra and holding hands along Acland Street,” the reader said, adding that “they seemed close.”

Have a peek at the piccies here.

The publication adds that there are piccies of Sam on her Instagram Story right now, but sadly her page is on private so we can’t have a cheeky stalk. We’ll just have to take The Wash’s word for it.

I bet the bloke is keen as hell for this season to end so he can return to anonymity, as he recently appeared on the radio where he told the hosts that he’s been “cringing” while watching himself back on MAFS, adding that “it’s been very hard to watch myself.”

“Believe me, I’ve been thinking, ‘who is this guy?’” he said to Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa.

Coco Stedman and Sam Carraro. The eternally doomed couple.

In his MAFS bio, he writes that he “knows what he likes and what he doesn’t, and isn’t afraid to say it.”

“Despite a few long-term relationships, he hasn’t met the right girl yet and finds it hard to let anyone get close to him (except his dog).”

I’m assuming that this is the same pooch that we saw in the piccies with Sandra. Unless it’s her dog, in which case I hope they puppers get along. Bless. Love this for both of them (and for Coco… run away, hon. RUN AWAY).