MAFS’ Al & Brent Made A Shared TikTok Account & The 1st Vid Is Al Making An Omelette In A Shoe

MAFS lads Al Perkins & Brent Vitiello may have gifted us the best social media account since @beam_me_up_softboi. The two boys have combined their powers to create a shared TikTok and after watching their first video, we cannot wait to see where this ends up.

@thelifeofbrentandal posted its first video late on Saturday night. It showed puppy dog Al doing what he does best — blurring the line between food safety and comedy.

Captioned “Al’s ‘Shoey Omelette’ ft the gag reflex, team brella and more” the TikTok is exactly what it says on the packet.


Al’s ‘Shoey Omelette’ ft the gag reflex, team brella and more. #thelifeofbrentandal #brella

♬ The Pink Panter Theme 顽皮豹 – 器乐

“Hi guys, I’m gonna cook my godfather Brent some breakfast,” said Al to the camera from a very bougie looking kitchen.

“But I’m gonna give it a little twist. I’m doing it (*removes shoe from foot and places it on kitchen bench*) the Al way.”

Al proceeded to add all the necessary ingredients for a healthy brekkie to the shoe including veggies, eggs and of course a pink cruiser.

It was for absolutely horrifying viewing but at the same time, I simply could not look away. My eyes were glued to the screen like egg yolk will inevitably be glued to Al’s shoe.

“That’s actually not bad, what did you put in that?” Asks Brent. He then walked over to the kitchen and saw egg remnants in Al’s shoe causing him to nearly throw up. A justified response.

The TikTok also alluded to a cheeky romance brewing between Brent and Ella Ding who appeared midway through the video to tuck into Al’s culinary efforts.

MAFS fans have been shipping this pairing ever since the season concluded and both Brent and Ella split from their original partners.

Al used the hashtag #brella in the video which SURELY counts as confirmation. RIGHT? Please, give us something here. We MUST know!

Anyway, I’ve gotta go make some scrambled tofu in a Doc Marten. I’ve been inspired.