Stop What You’re Doing & Watch MAFS Puppy Dog Al Perkins Dancing With Some Grandmas At An RSL

Everyone’s favourite Married At First Sight star from this season Al Perkins has been spotted at an RSL dancing the night away. In a TikTok posted on Saturday, Al is seen having a boogie with some ladies who are deffo a tad older than his former on-screen MAFS bride Samantha Moitzi. A truly wholesome moment for our boy.

The video has already clocked up nearly 200k views almost 10k likes at the time of writing. It’s fair to say MAFS are absolutely flocking like seagulls to see their favourite son in action outside the experiment.


@AL_PERKINS is that you? #mafs #mafsau #marriedatfirstsightau

♬ original sound – aliiscoollike

The TikTok is titled “@Al_Perkins is that you?” and features the groom in a classy but casual white polo shirt with chino shorts. 

He’s deffo wearing the sort of outfit that an older lady/grandma/me might see and say “oh, doesn’t he look like a nice handsome young man?”

All has been a fan-favourite this year for many reasons.

For starters he literally did the worm at his wedding. I’m not usually into composting but that’s a worm even I can get around.

Then he ripped a fkn shoey at one of the dinner parties. A move that gave his bride Sam the absolute ick and 100% outed her as the fun police.

More recently, his puppy-dog reactions to the spicy participant returns during girls and boys reunion episode sent MAFS fans into a spin. There is now some serious weight behind the campaign to get Al Perkins on Gogglebox Australia.

They just don’t make men of such quality anymore!

But even Al isn’t free of controversy. Last month MAFS fans found an Instagram post that appeared to suggest Al (who claims he has never had a partner) did in fact have a main squeeze. You can read our full investigation on that topic here.

Even though Al won’t be featured in the upcoming season finale — he lives on in our hearts, minds and TikTok FYPs.