Sam Moitzi’s Alleged Ivan Milat Connection Came Up At Dom’s MAFS Party & The Footage Is Wild

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

MAFS 2022 had many bombshells, but perhaps one of the most bizarre was the revelation that one of the brides is allegedly related to serial killer Ivan Milat.

According to goss sites, there was a scene in one episode where MAFS bride Samantha Moitzi supposedly divulged she’s the granddaughter of Milat’s younger sister Shirley Soire.

In the ep, Moitzi loses it when her MAFS hubby Al Perkins suggested watching the legendary horror flick Wolf Creek, which is in part based on Milat’s murders.

The scene ended up being edited out of the show, but Moitzi’s co-stars still got wind of it.

At Domenica Calarco‘s controversial finale viewing party, Brent Vitiello made quite a crass joke about the connection when asked why Moitzi was absent.

In a TikTok shared by dessert company @dessertboxes (???), Brent says on-stage: “Al said she’s at the State Forest visiting her great uncle.”

The other MAFS stars along with the general crowd then erupted in shock over the unexpected comment.


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According to the aforementioned insider who dropped the dime on the scrapped MAFS scene, Samantha was “anxious” about discussing the topic on the show, so she told Perkins privately.

Fucking yikes.