MAFS Fans Are Unsure If They Just Watched A Dinner Party Or A Big Ol’ Dick Swinging Convention

MAFS Ollie and Duncan looking confused. Tweet overlaid which reads: All these men saying they saw Dan be evil in the pieces to camera but keeping their mouths shut at the table

IDK about you but I need both Xanax and cyanide after that MAFS Dinner Party. It’s probably even a stretch to call it a Dinner Party considering all the dick swinging that went down.

ICYMI, the whole butt-dial hullaballoo feat. Rupert‘s cheeks, Evelyn‘s ears and Hugo and Dan‘s fat mouths was brought up.

Evelyn went full queen shit and confronted both blokes; Hugo during the pre-drinks and Dan at the dinner table.

To give Hugo credit, he apologised and took accountability for what he said about Tayla. Dan, on the other hand, essentially started gaslighting Evelyn and his gorgeous wife Sandy mid-dinner.

Except for the fact he was treating them abhorrently, the other yuck thing about the entire situation was that both Duncan and Ollie had stuff to say in the private pieces-to-camera about Dan’s behaviour, but not in front of the entire table.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m a fan of these blokes. They’ve both proven to be quite emotionally mature and respectful of their wives.

But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t disappointing to see their hesitancy to confess what they’d seen when they were out with Da Boiz and substantiate Evelyn’s claims, ‘cos Dan was walking all over her. It also could’ve been an opportunity to support Sandy, ya know.

The good people of Twitter were pissed that Duncan and Ollie were saving face in front of Da Boiz.

Lads pls, we love you and know you’re not dickheads like Harrison and Dan. Maybe it was a weird editing thing and Duncan and Ollie actually did speak up at the dinner table, in which case soz. But if ya didn’t, it’s pretty gronky.

Thank God the gals looked out for each other, though! If you’d like to read all about Evelyn and Claire tearing Dan a new asshole, you can catch up via our gorgy recap.

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