MAFS Fans Are Shouting At Their Tellies After The Gang Believed Andrew’s BS At Tonight’s Party

MAFS Andrew Holly dinner party

Married At First Sight fans have called out Andrew‘s behaviour towards Holly at the dinner party in Wednesday night’s MAFS episode. Specifically, they’ve described it as “narcissistic” and an example of gaslighting. But the worst of it was that the other gals believed him.

In case you missed it, Holly and Andrew arrived at the party separately.

Andrew came in first and convinced everyone he was hurt and remorseful after Holly kicked him to the kerb. Olivia and Tamara sided with him because they felt that Holly had disrespected him at the last dinner party.

Uh-uh. No, ma’am. Rollback the tapes because that was not how things looked to us. Especially after old mate called his bride a dud root on national telly.

But strangely, everyone at the dinner party believed king manipulator Andrew.

“I felt that energy that they really wanted to go after Holly,” he told producers as he literally manipulated the other brides and grooms to come for her.

“That’s a reflection of Holly not me.”

Bro. Kindly fuck off.

Andrew doubled down on his BS when Holly arrived. He asked how she was from across the room so everyone could hear him and further buy into his image of her as the villain of their story.

The moment left the internet pressed as a pub panini. Fans on Twitter said they felt gaslit. Others described Andrew’s actions as “classic narcissistic behaviour”. They said they were disappointed in the women on the show for buying into his attack on another woman because he seemed nice in public.

“The narrative where Andrew can be a literal sociopath misogynist but it’s still Holly who is ‘too intense’ re[garding] wanting kids or whatever is literally everything that sucks about being a woman in one example,” wrote one user as the episode aired.

Another called it “classic gaslighting behaviour”.

“How can people not see this! Holly is acting ‘crazy’ because that is legit what gaslighting people make you feel. CRAZY.”

Here were the best tweets about Andrew’s BS speech and the group’s reaction at the latest MAFS dinner party.

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