MAFS Fans Doubt Andrew Slept With 350 Women When He Couldn’t Even Keep Up A Convo With One

mafs andrew holly fight 350 women tweets

Married At First Sight fans are doubting Texan Daddy Andrew slept with 350 women as he claimed to Holly on Tuesday night’s episode. Especially when he couldn’t keep up a conversation with just one (1) woman.

In case you missed it, this week the MAFS couples spilled their deepest and darkest confessions to their significant other. Holly confessed to Andrew that she wants kids and is afraid she’s running out of time.

But Andrew’s raw confession? He’s apparently slept with “roughly 350 women” in his 39 years on this floating rock in space we call earth.

“Holly, I love sex,” he said.

“I love exploring sex and I love celebrating sex. I am a very sexual person and have had roughly 350 sexual partners in the past.”

Andrew clarified that his allegedly accurate body count spanned for seven years when he was “single”. He also claimed that Holly could “benefit from [his] experience in the bedroom”.

Ew, Jesus, gross.

Naturally, MAFS fans online have called bullshit on Mr. Southern Cowboy’s claims which has led to some very funny tweets.

“How the fuck has he slept with 350 people when the simple sight of the bloke on the tel[ly] dries up so many vaginas across the nation,” said one viewer.

“The only way he’s had 350 women is by taking out his wallet and paying for it,” claimed another.

Stick a fork in me because this next one has well and truly left me done like a roast dinner.

Here are some of the most savage takes on Twitter about Andrew’s behaviour to Holly in Tuesday night’s episode.

Andrew and Holly’s relationship appeared to come to a crashing end at the end of the episode as Andrew stormed out of the hotel room and told producers he was never coming back again. Earlier this week, a source claimed that this would happen as well as that Andrew had been avoiding the producers and Holly since leaving the show.

We also copped Andrew’s alleged audition tape for SAS Australia and it was next levels of wild.