Fans are joking that Olivia and Jackson have lived long enough to become the villains of this year’s MAFS season after their behaviour towards Holly at the second commitment ceremony on Sunday night.

In case you missed it, Andrew convinced several of the other contestants at the dinner party last week that Holly had mistreated and disregarded him. Olivia was one of the main people who believed him.

She told Holly at the event to be the “better person” and apologise to Andrew for snubbing him when she arrived. Fans felt it was a weird thing to see someone say given what had gone down between Andrew and Holly in their room.

Olivia and her man then doubled down on their support for Texan Gaslight McGee in Sunday night’s episode. Olivia and Selin dropped by Holly’s place before the ceremony. But in a Freaky Friday-like turn of events, it was Liv that clashed with Holly, not Selin.

“I’ll be honest with you babes, it’s not anything that Andrew’s said about you that’s changed my perception of you,” Olivia said.

“It’s what I’ve seen with my own two eyes that you do. So last week on the couch, the eye-rolling and the faces while he was speaking. It just spoke so much disrespect.”

Olivia did just that later in the episode when Holly explained her side of the story at the second commitment ceremony. She rolled her eyes, sighed and blew air against the insides of her cheeks as Holly read out her letter.

Weirdly, Olivia acknowledged earlier in the episode that none of the other couples really knew what was going on between them because there was a lot that happened behind closed doors. But she then said at the commitment ceremony that Holly hadn’t been the “bigger person in multiple situations”.

The internet was genuinely baffled by Olivia’s change in behaviour. Especially when Selin was sitting right there and admitted that Holly deserved the same amount of support she received when she and Anthony were butting heads.

Suffice to say Olivia and Jackson are no longer the endgame OTP folks had been hoping for.

“What da [sic] fuck kind of world do we live in where these roles got reversed,” tweeted one user as the episode aired.

“Why is Olivia so fixated on Holly being the bigger person,” added another.

“Why does Holly have to be the bigger person? Why are you putting so much blame and pressure on her? Weirdo.”

Others on Twitter wondered if Andrew was that good at manipulating people that Olivia was also a victim of the situation.

“I’m so disappointed with Olivia and others for their treatment of Holly but let’s take a step back and remember this is what narcissistic manipulators do,” claimed one user.

“They isolate their victims and separate them from their support system. This is Andrew’s work we need to remember that.”

I’ll let you make up your own opinion about that. But I’m sure we can safely agree that Olivia is probably regretting her actions on the show after watching Andrew and Holly’s moments on-screen.

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