Mad Dog Lisa Wilkinson Wears That Blouse Again To Show Up The Daily Mail

We here at PEDESTRIAN.TV were actually a little surprised when The Daily Mail called out The Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson for having the audacity to wear the same blouse twice within a four month period. 

Not because The Daily Mail would confect that sartorial normality into an actual, legitimate article they’d publish, but because someone on deck had the ability to recognise a shirty double-up on sight.

Well, this morning, we once again find ourselves surprised, but not at a staffer’s style sense. Oh no. Pals, we’re somewhat shook by the fact Lisa Wilkinson is, at time of writing, wearing that exact same top.

In one of the subtlest televised “fuck you”-s you’re liable to see, Wilkinson donned the top in defiance of DM’s apparent logic that clothes must be incinerated after being worn.

This comes after she took to social media last night to have a  about the ordeal.

Who’d have thought the clothing choices of on-air presenters would be one of the defining issues of our time?

Photo: The Today Show / Channel 9.