Like all respectable people, I wear all of my clothes once and then throw them into the incinerator at the end of the day, never to wear that same outfit again, for fear of being judged. Lisa Wilkinson, however, flies in the face of decency, daring to wear the same blouse twice in a four month period like some sort of savage.

While all the other media outlets stood idly by and let this (let’s call it what it is) war crime pass without comment, the Daily Mail knew that something had to be done. So they penned an absolute stunner about how “thrifty” it was that Wilkinson had worn the same blouse with the “strategic cut-out just above the bust” only four months prior.
Pictured: Strategy.

A lot of people, for some reason, thought this was weird as hell.

Including Lisa herself, who tweeted with tongue very firmly in cheek about getting “busted”:

In an even more perplexing move, the Daily Mail followed up that article with another article accusing people who didn’t like it of being “snowflakes” and apparently mistaking Wilkinson laughing at them for Wilkinson laughing with them.
Yes, that is a three-sentence-long headline. The stars did indeed have a laugh, with Wilkinson giving the shirt a quick wash and donning it for the second day in a row:
Roughly translated into English that stare means “How you like me now, motherfucker?”
She also took to the ‘Huffington Post‘ to express similar puzzlement over the article – like what exactly is strategic about the top:
“Don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking right now (apart from exactly what sort of strategy did I have in play when I placed that cheeky cut out so strategically above my bust — answer: beggared if I know!).”

Ultimately though, what she really wanted to say is that she’s not mad (just disappointed). For an outlet that definitely covered Karl Stefanovic‘s stunt with the suit to prove exactly this point, they sure didn’t take it in:

“You’re thinking I should be up in arms. You’re thinking I should be giving them what for, or as one person wrote on my Instagram ‘for being so bloody vacuous and irrelevant with the sort of meaningless tripe they serve up on a daily basis’.

“Well, I’m not. In fact, today I am thanking the Daily Mail. For proving once and for all what we know to be true. You see, I’m the gal that sits next to the guy who wore exactly the same suit on air every weekday for a whole year. Every single day. And no-one noticed.

“But let a woman try that on… TWICE? Not on your Nelly!”
If it was indeed just “a bit of light-hearted fun” from an “eagle-eyed fashion fan“, those people have got a weird ass sense of humour.
Source: Huffington Post.
Photo: Channel 9 / Today Show.