Maccas’s Tried To Do A Sneaky Szechuan Sauce Promo & All Hell Broke Loose

Well here’s a big fucken surprise. McDonald‘s has attempted to capitalise on the sudden fame brought to their 1998 promotional McNugget dipping sauce, the Mulan Szechuan Sauce, by cult cartoon Rick & Morty, and it has not gone well.

The saga of the Szechuan sauce has been ongoing since the episode containing the reference first aired – first in the form of wild demand, then in the form of Macca’s actually sending the show’s creators a giant bottle of it, and now in an ill-planned promotion in which the fast food chain sent limited amounts of the sauce to several of its American restaurants for one day only.

And when we say “limited amounts”, we mean extremely limited. Like 20.

Apparently seriously underestimating the dedication of Rick & Morty fans to the Szechuan cause, almost all the restaurants sold out in no time flat, leaving hordes of infuriated adult cartoon watchers spitting chips (sorry, fries) all over Twitter.

Plenty of furious Szechuan hopefuls had been queuing for hours, apparently, only to find out that their local restaurants had either sold out or never had the sauce in the first place.

Conspiracy theories abound about McDonald’s employees getting into the Szechuan stashes early and pilfering them all for themselves, alongside reports of some restaurants (or punters) selling the sauce at massive markups.

Regardless of what actually went down behind the counter, the result was some truly embarrassing scenes, including lines around city blocks and mobs of angry would-be customers crowded outside, CHANTING. Good lord.

Everyone who was frothing for that sauce might be absolutely fuming right now, but at least we’ve been given the opportunity to get some fantastic zingers in.

Ahh, that’s the stuff.