‘Rick & Morty’ Fans Are In A Huge Bidding War Over A Jug Of Szechuan Sauce

If someone carried out a survey in 1998 asking people what product they thought would become most valuable in 2017, they probably would have said something like ‘gold’ or ‘stocks in a technology company’. But they would have been idiots, because the correct answer would obviously be the Szechuan sauce that McDonalds released for a short time in 1998 to accompany the release of the animated movie ‘Mulan‘.

The sauce has become a huge topic of convo ever since it was brought up on an episode of ‘Rick & Morty‘ earlier this year, and the thirst for it has only grown stronger, with a full-on bidding war for the stuff now in motion.

We knew that Maccas recently promised to send the ‘Rick & Morty guys a glorious jug of the sweet nectar, and they absolutely came through by not only doing that, but also giving away a bottle each to three fans. One of the fans, Robert Workman, immediately took to social media to share his score.

He then decided to chuck his precious cargo up on eBay (with some of the proceeds going to charity), and it has resulted in a bidding war that has even pulled in some famous Szechuan lovers, like DJ deadmau5.

The bidding is currently up to $5500, with two days left for fiends of the show (or sauce) to bid. The eBay listing says they won’t ship to Oz, so you might need to fork out a few grand more if you really want a taste of that delicious drop.