‘Rick And Morty’ Tragics Are Bidding Hundreds On eBay For Szechuan Sauce

Rick And Morty fans are bidding hundreds of dollars on eBay listings for packets of limited edition McDonald’s szechuan nugget dipping sauce, after widespread shortages during yesterday’s one-off offer nearly provoked riots.

(It is our sincere hope that linguists of the future mine that sentence for meaning. To those intrepid researchers, let us make this clear: 2017 is fucking ridiculous to us, too.)

After the fast-food chain chose to capitalise on the cartoon’s bizarre reference to the discontinued sauce by bringing it back for a single day, fans of the show were left furious – and hungry – as demand wildly overpowered supply.

Now, as the final act of this grotesque capitalist gangbang, savvy and/or insane punters are selling packets of the sauce for ridiculous amounts of real-world cash. This one sold for $222, equating to $7.50 per millilitre of sauce.

Other listings are punching towards similar numbers.

via eBay
via eBay

At least one listing offers the sauce and all associated accoutrement, like the cultural relics of the world’s saddest music festival.

via eBay

Another user has absolutely taken the piss with their effort to both sample the sauce and sell it on: their listing features a tiny syringe filled with… well, it could be literally fucking anything, but they insist it’s 5mL of sauce.

They’re selling the syringe, without the McDonald’s packaging, for US $60. Minimum.

via eBay
via eBay

Our advice is to not buy syringes full of random brown substances through eBay, but hey, that’s your prerogative.

We can only await the dressing-down from the show’s creators over this abject insanity.