‘Rick & Morty’ Has Sparked A Wild eBay Bidding War On A Pic Of Maccas Sauce

The long-awaited third season of Rick and Morty finally dropped (the first episode, anyway), and here was the result that none of us could have predicted: a huge, overwhelming urge to smash a ten pack of McNuggets with the discontinued Szechuan McNugget Dipping Sauce.

(Didn’t watch the episode? Rick uses a trip through his memory to swing by Maccas to grab the Szechuan Sauce, brought out as a special in 1998 to celebrate the release of Disney’s Mulan and never again. Dan Harmon and/or Justin Roiland have probably been craving that sauce for almost two decades.)

A packet of the fabled sauce has now appeared on eBay, and the bidding is at a demonstrably fucked US$56,700. It’s also been opened. 

At the time of writing, this little packet had been bid on 40 times. It started at the ridiculous-but-still-within-the-realms-of-normal price of $100, quickly shooting up to $300, then $1000, then $9,999, then $16,6700, then $50,000, and here we are at $56,700.

Also, here’s a thing it took us – and the bidders – far too long to notice: the item being sold isn’t even a packet of sauce. It’s a PHOTO of a packet of sauce, as made clear by eBay seller ‘definitelynotdanharmon’. As the listing says:

You are bidding on an authentic autographed photograph of that Mmmulan McMcMcNugget sauce, printed shoddily on plain paper and sent in an ordinary USPS stamped envelope. You will also receive a complimentary sense of generalized bamboozlement for having the poor judgment to spend good money on this particular auction.

eBay Australia confirmed to PEDESTRIAN that the listing the legit, but as buyers do have the option to pull out of the sale after they win it, it’s pretty likely that nobody is going to be paying that much money for it. They say it’s likely their US pals will let it roll on through to the end.

2017 is weird, man.
Source: eBay.
Photo: eBay.