If this yarn isn’t proof that chasing after what you believe exists somewhere out there will bear fruit if you’re persistent, then I don’t know what is.

After the first episode of the new Rick & Morty dropped on April 1st (and I absolutely thought it was an elaborate April Fools prank) the creators and fanbase of the ridiculous time-bending cartoon from Adult Swim have been near-obsessed with tracking down remaining containers of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

Someone even went so far as to purchase a (probably rank as hell) tub of it online for $19k. That’s how bad people wanted the Szechuan sauce, Morty.

Maccas have come through. They’ve fuckin’ come THROUGH after months of folks trying to get their hands on the good stuff. 

One of two masterminds behind the show, Justin Roiland, announced at their panel at Sad Diego Comic Con that Maccas had been in touch, and are planning on sending him and Dan Harmon an entire JUG of the stuff to taste, nearly 20 years after it was run in stores.

Roiland promised fans that he and Harmon are going to film themselves tasting and reviewing the sauce, which should happen within the next week – if the stars align and Maccas are true to their word.

Speaking to Huffington Post, a spokesperson from Maccas said that “when our customers speak, we listen” and that fans should never say never when it comes to getting limited products back.

“To paraphrase some of our most enthusiastic fans, our sauce is so good that it would be worth waiting nine seasons or 97 years for,” the spokesperson for the golden arches said.

Now, bring it back for the rest of us nug lovers to have, thanks.

Source: Huffington Post.

Photo: Rick & Morty / Adult Swim.