YESSS: The Newest Loki Promo Confirms The Character Is Gender-Fluid & We Are Loki Thrilled

The Avengers have officially assembled on Disney+ and what an absolute bloody treat it’s been. First there was WandaVision, which was a mystical masterpiece, then Falcon & The Winter Soldier reunited our fave fighter duo, and in just 24 hours, Loki will finally be unleashed on the world.

In the lead-up to the hotly anticipated series, Disney+ dropped an 18-second clip where we cop a peek into the iconique character’s Time Variance Authority file and on it, we see various stats about our Loki, including the fact that their sex is “fluid,” which is a huge-ass revelation and a major step forward for on-screen representation.

Have a peek below:

For those playing along at home, it has previously been hinted that Loki is gender-fluid due to his androgynous Asgardian shapeshifting abilities, plus the fact that their non-binary identity was confirmed in the 2014 comic book Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm when their father Odin referred to Loki as both his “son” and “daughter”.

But in terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is the first time we’ve had legit confirmation which is bloody ‘yuge.

Loki premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 9th at 6pm AEST.