What To Know About Loki If You’ve Only Seen 1.5 Marvel Movies & Need A Quick Update


Welcome newbies and novices to the first instalment of ‘explaining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in an over-simplified way to get everyone up to speed before their next drop’.

This instalment will cover Marvel Studio’s Loki, the next show to land on Disney+ from June 9. As was the case with WandaVision and The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, episodes will be released each Wednesday which I’m absolutely loving – it really gives you that peak free-to-air TV experience that started to falter when streaming took off.

Alright, so to get everyone up to date at rapid speed, here’s a brief and simple rundown of Loki (the Tom Hiddleston character) and Loki (the series), and a few bits and bobs in-between that it’ll be handy to know.

Stay with me and just to cover my own backside, SPOILER WARNING.

Whomst is that dark-haired dreamboat Loki?

Loki is Thor‘s adoptive brother with a flair for the mischievous. If you can call ‘plotting to get your brother exiled so you’re the sole heir’ mischief, that is.

What shenanigans has he been up to so far?

Ready for the super-condensed version? Loki first appeared in Thor (2011), and in the decade since, we’ve seen him:

  • Try to throw his brother (Thor) under the bus on countless occasions
  • Attempt to gain control of Asgard
  • Completely upend Earth and leave it in disarray while seeking stones that give the holder ridic levels of power
  • Gain actual power of Asgard and serves as its ruler for a semi-short stint
  • Eventually form an…interesting alliance with Thor to fight a greater power (love that brief sibling comradery)
  • Die
  • Doesn’t actually die
  • Backstab the big bad naughty villain (Thanos) in an attempt to save everyone, which is nice
  • Die again

When will Loki be set in the MCU timeline?

Speculation says Loki will be set after Avengers: Endgame, however how this comes to life is still unknown given Loki technically died in Avengers: Infinity War.

As previously stated though, this isn’t Loki’s first death rodeo, so anything’s possible as he’s clearly not dead in the show. I think.

What else do we know about Marvel’s Loki?

Not a lot, my babies, not a lot. As per the Marvel tradition, everything about the show is being kept under lock and key, bar a trailer-or-two here and there.

What we do know, which I find interesting, is that Owen Wilson will be joining Loki in some capacity, but his role is also a mystery.

Let’s have another peak at that trailer to see if we can uncover any more clues.

Okay, so Wilson is a time-flow protector, Loki is very much alive, he also wears a tie which has completely thrown me off and now I’m questioning everything I thought I knew.

What I do know, though, is that when Loki implores Wilson’s character to trust him, my spidey-sense went off like a zillion red flags stabbing me in the gut with the pointy end of the flagpole.

The only way we’ll be able to find out what’s going down is to head to Disney+ on June 9 for the ‘uge premiere of Marvel Studio’s Loki.

I want answers and I want them now.