Your girl Lizzo graces the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine and, frankly, I’m surprised it took them this long to lock her in for a cover.

The photoshoot features the singer tizzed up like gods and goddesses from several spiritual traditions including Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Have a peek below:

And as for the interview, which is where the real tea is spilled, Lizzo reflected on how her music helped her cope with low self esteem.

“I wrote ‘My Skin’ when I was 26, so at that point, I had already gotten to a place where I’m confronting myself and I’m happy with it,” the Detroit songstress revealed, referring to her 2015 hit off the album Big Grrrl Small World.

“I’ve come to terms with body dysmorphia and evolved,” she added. “The body positive movement is doing the same thing. We’re growing together, and it’s growing pains, but I’m just glad that I’m attached to something so organic and alive.”

She went on to discuss anxiety, revealing she once had an anxiety attack mid-performance but just kept singing.

“I just start processing and thinking about other shit, and my mouth is just moving and the words are coming out.”

Her gruelling schedule and the fact that she hadn’t seen her loved ones in so long was the catalyst for an emotional breakdown in 2018 which forced her to seek help and attend therapy.

“That was really scary,” she said. “But being vulnerable with someone I didn’t know, then learning how to be vulnerable with people that I do know, gave me the courage to be vulnerable as a vocalist.”

She goes on to reflect on a breakup that inspired her to absolutely kill it with her music.

“As fucked up as it sounds, I needed that heartbreak experience,” she says. “I’m not sad, because I use the pain so constructively. It’s inevitable. The pain is human experience.”

Oh, and there was another interesting tidbit in the interview where your flirty qween runs into Charlie Puth backstage in Dallas and she, as RS put it, “shoots her shot” in front of her family, nonetheless.

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“We’re about to make out and it’s gonna get weird!” she reportedly shrieked as the two prepare to take a photo together.

Apparently she then called his dad her father-in-law before the two artists acted out walking down the aisle to Puth’s cover of ‘Bridal Chorus.’

“Call me,” Lizzo then says as she winks at Puth.

Gotta appreciate her game. You’ve also gotta check out RS’ full chat with her here for a big dose of inspiration.

Image: Rolling Stone