This Adorable Rescue Cat Named Lizzo Wants To Be Your New Best Friend, Just A Little

lizzo cat

I don’t mean to alarm you, but there’s an adorable feline named Lizzo that is 100% *that* cat and is in need of a loving home.

If you ever needed a solid reason to adopt not shop (other than the fact that it saves adorable animals), Lizzo the cat is the best I’ve got. If you don’t love this cat, there’s no saving your cold dead heart.

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The adorable five-year-old female cat is currently up for adoption, and is bound to brighten your life with her “curious, lap-loving, mellow” nature.

For the measly price of $85, Lizzo the cat could be your new feline companion, according to a Facebook post by Rachel Riot.

I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that cat

Even when I’m meowing crazy

Yeah, I got FIV, that’s the kitty in me

Meow, meow, I won’t spread it that’s the goddess in me.

The Facebook post has received a whopping 34,000+ shares since January 13, proving that everybody fucking adores this fierce cat, who I can only assume is good as hell.

It’s unclear exactly where Lizzo is up for adoption, but I will circumnavigate the fucking globe to find and adopt this adorable cat.

She’s housetrained, easygoing with other cats, and really just wants to be your new best friend.

According to her adoption flyer, she’s a good girl and just wants a good home.

You could have a Foster-to-Adopt, non-committal

Be your new best friend, just a little

You’re ‘posed to take me home, but I’m still sitting here

I’m a good girl, just ask a cat volunteer.

If you’re well and truly tired of the bullshit and you just want an adorable cat named after the Queen herself (Lizzo), I urge you to adopt her as soon as humanly possible.