Chance The Rapper Posts Video Of A Little-Known Lizzo Interviewing Him 8 Years Ago

If you’re feeling stagnant in your career, impatiently awaiting your inevitable glow up or just need some inspiration, look no further – Chance the Rapper has posted an interview from 8 years ago, conducted by little-known musician Melissa Jefferson, AKA Lizzo.

Lizzo interviewed Chance back in 2012 for small Minneapolis magazine GreenRoom prior to the release of “Acid Rap”. Alongside the throwback clip, Chance praised Lizzo for her long-overdue success, hard work and “God given talent”.

“Anybody [recognise] the woman interviewing me??” Chance captioned the video. “Give you a hint we’re playing the same Houston festival in a couple weeks and have the same number of GRAMMYs.”

“Guys, this video is so dope to see,” he continued. “I remember it like it was yesterday and it was EIGHT years ago. Wow man. I’ve watched Lizzo work her ass off to become the biggest act in the world and it was nothing but her and her day 1 bestfriends’ hard work, and her own God given Talent. I am immensely proud of her and so inspired by her journey. Life is crazy…”

It would take 7 more years until Lizzo achieved her commercial breakthrough, thanks to the inclusion of “Truth Hurts” in Netflix film Someone Great, and a subsequent ‘DNA test’ TikTok challenge. The 3-time Grammy winner, now 31, is undoubtably one of the world’s biggest names, and rightfully so.

Check out a snippet of the conversation between Lizzo and Chance the Rapper below. If this doesn’t inspire you to persevere through the tough times and encourage you to kick goals, I don’t know what will.