The ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot Has Been Put On Hold & This Is Not What Dreams Are Made Of

Lizzie McGuire

Oh God, I’m so sorry to bring you bad news on a Friday but it appears Disney’s Lizzie McGuire reboot has been put on hold.

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According to reports, creator Terri Minsky – the original creator of Lizzie McGuire – exited the revival as showrunner. That worries me deeply, not going to lie. Disney has not announced a replacement as of yet. The juggernauts are probably in the process of finding a new one.

Also, there’s a statement so I guess this really is happening.

“Fans have a sentimental attachment to Lizzie McGuire and high expectations for a new series,” a Disney spokesperson told Variety. “After filming two episodes, we concluded that we need to move in a different creative direction and are putting a new lens on the show.”

YIKES. From that I gather (I may be wrong here, take this with a grain of salt) that Minsky wasn’t merely busy with another project, she disagreed with Disney and left. Either way, noOoOoOoOoo.

The revival picks up years after the original series, when Lizzie is about to turn the big 3-0. Hilary Duff is back as is Adam Lamberg (Gordo), Hallie Todd (Jo McGuire), Robert Carradine (Sam McGuire), and Jake Thomas (Matthew McGuire).

“Right now, her life is framed pretty perfectly,” Duff told Good Morning America last year. “She has her dream job, she’s an apprentice working for an interior designer who’s a pretty big deal. She has a gorgeous fiancé who is a chef at this cool Soho restaurant. She has a cute little apartment in Brooklyn and everything is going her way and she’s celebrating her 30th birthday with all of her friends.”

Duff teased that Lizzie “gets some pretty big news at the end of the first episode’, which really shakes things up.

Little animated Lizzie is set to return as well.

“[She’s] still that loud voice inside her head saying all the things that adult Lizzie would like to be saying out loud.”

The OG series is available on Disney+ if you feel a sudden urge to binge it. It’s also on Stan, I believe.