Hilary Duff Said ‘Never Say Never’ To Hannah Montana Crossover & It’s The Best Of Both Worlds

lizzie mcguire hannah montana

Don’t freak out but Hilary Duff has not only announced that the Lizzie McGuire reboot is still a “work in progress”, but she discussed the possibility of a *checks notes* Hannah Montana crossover.

Honestly who cares about Paolo when Lizzie can sing with our QUEEN Hannah Montana?

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Duff explained that although filming was pushed back by the coronavirus pandemic, she’s feeling really good about the reboot.

“Yeah, you know what? I feel just as excited as everyone else. Obviously, I have felt love for that character and I feel particularly dedicated to the fans about making the exact show that it should be,” she said.

“So you know, we started shooting, we stopped shooting and went back to the drawing board with Disney+, Disney and myself to come up with something that works for all of us, and we’re still in the middle of that process. Everything kind of got put on hold, especially now because of COVID. But no, we’re talking weekly and I feel really good about it.”

Throughout the interview, she was also told that Miley Cyrus has previously credited her for being her inspiration to take on the role as Hannah Montana. Understandably, she gushed over Cyrus, explaining how much she loves her.

“I love Miley, I recently was on her show that she created during the quarantine, and she’s just awesome. She’s always showing me so much love and it kind of embarrasses me in a way. I’m like, come on, you’re like the epitome of cool and it’s really sweet that she’s just so vocal about being a fan growing up with me and I love her,” Hilary explained.

When asked about the possibility of a Hannah x Lizzie crossover, Duff said she’s “never thought about a Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire crossover, but never say never! Anything goes these days, right?”


It also wouldn’t be the first time Disney has given us an epic crossover, with the That’s So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana episode still being a fond memory for any Disney Channel lover.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean we’re definitely getting the crossover we all want so badly. But maybe, just maybe, Cosmopolitan have planted the seed that will one day fruit the crossover of our dreams.

I mean, imagine how iconic a Hannah x Lizzie concert would be? To quote our girl herself, that is literally what dreams are made of.

At this point, Disney, Disney+ and Hilary are still trying to work out a show concept that works for everyone, but here’s hoping that involves at least a nod to Hannah Montana. Either way, I would never want to miss this ‘coz in my heart, I know what this is (a Lizze McGuire reboot).

Even if we don’t get the crossover, you can still binge-watch both Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire on Disney+, so it really is the best of both worlds.