We Started A Petition To Make Littney The 2021 Bachelorette ‘Cos She Deserves Love, Dammit

Our girl Brittney ‘Littney’ Weldon played a good game on Bachelor In Paradise this season, but let’s face it, she was robbed.

Although she left Paradise arm-in-arm with Jackson Garlick, she later revealed on Instagram that the pair “are now just friends.”

While we love that, unlike almost every other couple on this year’s season, Brittney and Jackson were able to part ways amicably, we’re absolutely gutted that, once again, our dancing queen has missed out on finding love.

Being ‘yuge Littney stans, we at PEDESTRIAN.TV have started a Change.org petition to make her 2021’s Bachelorette.

Not only is Britt the life of the party and will make for a v. entertaining leading lady with her quick wit and impromptu conga lines, but her appearance on Bachelor In Paradise has shown that she’s a kind and caring gal who absolutely deserves a spot on our screen. And, more importantly, she deserves to find love!

So pls go sign our petition NOW to show Network Ten that Australia wants to see Littney as our 2021 Bachelorette.