Welp, Bachie Duo Brittney & Jackson Have Confirmed They Gave It A Crack But Are Just Friends

Following their joint exit from Bachelor in Paradise in tonight’s episode, national treasures Brittney Weldon and Jackson Garlick have confirmed that they’re just mates. *Collective sigh*

“I’m here for my final update: @jacksongarlick and I aren’t together but he is an amazing guy,” Brittney posted to Instagram a short time ago.

The much-loved Littney – whom we absolutely must continue protecting at all costs – confirmed that the pair gave it a red hot crack back in the real world.

“We did catch up on the outside, I did meet his friends & family and we had good times unfortunately life gets in the way and we are now just friends.”

She continued: “I am so happy that I had this experience and wouldn’t change anything.”

As expected, Jackson posted his own ode, praising Littney for being “such a great girl” and always being “the life of the party.”

“Unfortunately after getting back to Australia, we found it difficult to see each other,” he added. “Brittney did come to my birthday (and made the effort) in December 2019 and met all of my friends and family. She received rave reviews from all.”

“I’m mostly to blame for the lack of effort to keep our good thing going because I came straight back into preseason training and couldn’t travel to see her.”

“She deserves the world and I wish her so much happiness. Until next time Littney x”

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Although it’s sad that our queen didn’t find love this season, it does leave things open for Littney to front an upcoming Bachlorette season… *Hint hint, channel 10 execs*

Let’s get that shit happening, please.